MOBI provides companies with software and services to manage mobility.

MOBI’s cloud-based software centralizes the management of mobile devices by integrating with wireless carriers, MDMs, corporate IT systems, and more. MOBI’s services help organizations plan for, save on, deploy, support, and decommission mobile devices.

As a result, MOBI’s customers achieve enhanced control, greater visibility, reduced costs and increased efficiency when managing mobile devices. Want to learn more? Visit

Philanthropic Value/Purpose/Impact:
Our thought process on philanthropy is simple, help good people make a big impact.

Why did you choose to sponsor Brackets For Good?:
BFG has taken the difficult charitable question of how to “ask your friends for money” to an engaging, dynamic concept that asks for and delivers engagement. Asking for engagement in a way that ultimately delivers financial results is a brilliant concept. They’ve built a marketing AND fundraising initiative into a single business model.