Valeo Financial Advisors is an independent financial planning and registered investment advisory firm based in Indianapolis and one of the largest fee-only financial advisory firms in the Midwest. In 2014 Valeo was named by Financial Times as one of the top 300 Registered Investment Advisers (“FT 300”) in the publication’s inaugural list of the best advisors across the U.S. Our success is attributed to the fact that: 1) we provide advice rather than selling products; 2) our advice is centered on each client’s entire net worth rather than investments only; and 3) our advisors work for a limited number of clients to ensure the best possible service and accessibility.

Philanthropic Value/Purpose/Impact
Our first charitable fund dates back to 2003, the year we were founded. Since then we have formed the Valeo Foundation, Inc., a public charity with a mission to help provide for basic human needs of food, shelter, health care, and education at home and abroad. In addition, we have been able to leverage our philanthropic impact by matching the qualified charitable contributions of our employees.

Why did you choose to sponsor Brackets For Good?
We love the fun, competitive approach BFG uses to activate new donors, increase exposure for local nonprofit organizations and, ultimately, increase charitable giving to those organizations. This approach to philanthropy is a win on so many different levels, we just had to participate. We hope our involvement and the ideas we have brought to the table will have a lasting impact on BFG and the participating nonprofits for a long time.